Neyko Bodurov, trumpet, flugelhorn
    Dimitar Liolev, alto sax, tenor sax
    Dimitar Bodurov, keys, Fender Rhodes, programming
    Mihail Ivanov, double bass
    Dimitar Semov, drums, el. percussion

    NIKOBO is the debut studio album by Bulgarian trumpet player Neyko Bodurov (1982). Jazz, beats and electronica collide in a set of original compositions, which can easily be wrapped as Nu Jazz. A playful mix of catchy themes, edgy solos and broken beats that stands equally convincing in a jazz club, a festival stage and a beach party.

    Neyko has put up a collective of skilful all-around musicians, each one contributes with a personal voice to the project. Neyko’s piercing trumpet and Dimitar Liolev’s slick alto weave on top of the groovy rhythm bass lines of Mihail Ivanov, Dimitar Semov’s rhythmic deviations and Dimitar Bodurov’s erratic harmonies and rich sound textures


    credits :

    released April 15, 2019

    Produced by Dimitar Bodurov and Neyko Bodurov

    Line up :
    Neyko Bodurov / trumpet, flugelhorn
    Dimitar Liolev / alto sax, tenor sax
    Dimitar Bodurov / keys, Fender Rhodes, programming
    Mihail Ivanov / double bass
    Dimitar Semov / drums, el. percussion