• Causality


    New work by dancer/choreographer Peter Leung
    Music by Dimitar Bodurov

    Premiere at Origen Cultural Festival

    7th-13th August 2015, Riom, Switzerland

    22 AugustRadar Festival, Varna

     A new work from Peter Leung with an original music by Dimitar Bodurov. The work is inspired by text and research from Dutch writer Sterre van Rossem. The work is danced by three dancers from The Dutch National Ballet – Hannah de Klein, James Stout and Clotilde Tran-Phat.

    The piece is inspired the Legend of Joseph and will premiere at Origen Cultural Festival in Switzerland on August 6th 2015. The work will be created with the three dancers who share their thoughts and responses to the subject by creating a movement language.

    TEAM :

    Peter Leung – choreography
    Dimitar Bodurov – compositions and live piano performance
    Dancers : Hannah de Klein, James Stout & Clotilde Tran-Phat