• Notes on Nadia

    for piano and samples.

    Premiere on the 3rd September at Las Palmas,

    Gergiev Festival, Rotterdam

    Dimitar Bodurov- piano , programming, live electronics

  • Miniatures for marimba

    for marimba

    Written for Tatiana Koleva

  • Voda Teche

    for marimba, traditional female choir and sample.

    Sofia Music Weeks Festival 2007 commissioned this piece for the project The unknown instrument.

    Premiered in Bulgaria Hall, Sofia.

    Tatiana Koleva, marimba; Philip Kutev Juniour Choir.

  • 100 Brothers Project

    This is my graduation work for my bachelor degree in composition. This project consist of several pieces all produced by the same formula- soloist, ensemble and sample of traditional Bulgarian song.

    The concert took place in Lantaren/Venster, Rotterdam 2006

  • Tree of choices

    for tenor sax, chamber string ensemble, percussion and samples.