• REFLECTOR (2021)

    The full recording is available now with English and Bulgarian subtitles.


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  • Inner voice (2022)

    Very excited about the premiere of my composition “Inner voice” for trombone, string quartet, and electronica commissioned by Jörgen van Rijen, a celebrated trombone player and a principal at the royal Concertgebouw orchestra.
    The premiere took place on the 11th June 2022, at the Concertgebouw, Amsterdam.

    The piece was recorded by Jörgen himself and Alma string quartet and is included in his upcoming album ‘Mirrored in time’ released 2023.

  • Inevitable dance (2021)

    A piece for flute and piano. Recorded by Maria Miteva and Eugenia Radoslava.

  • MIXING VANITY (2019)

    Multidisciplinary performance about the mirror of vanity

  • My name is.. (2018)

    “Moving, impressive, intimate music, beautiful images..”

    Judith Scholte – libretto, vocals, play
    Dimitar Bodurov – composition, piano, electronics
    Bader Atem – as himself

  • Causality (2015)

    New work by dancer/choreographer Peter Leung
    Music by Dimitar Bodurov

    Premiere at Origen Cultural Festival

    7th-13th August 2015, Riom, Switzerland

    22 AugustRadar Festival, Varna

  • Lilith (2012)

    A multi-disciplinary performance about the tragic love story of Adam and Lilith.

    Claron McFadden- voice, concept
    Dimitar Bodurov- composition, piano & electronics
    Carola Luther- libretto
    Frans Weisz- film
    Jeroen Willems- actor

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  • GAP (2010)

    A production of dance group LeineRoebana and music by Dimitar Bodurov.

    With Claron McFadden, Galina Durmushliiska, Theodosii Spassov, Peyo Peev

  • Elegia (2009)

    For violin and piano

    Svetlin Roussev- violin
    Dimitar Bodurov- piano

  • Notes on Nadia (2008)

    for piano and samples.

    Premiere on the 3rd September at Las Palmas,

    Gergiev Festival, Rotterdam

    Dimitar Bodurov- piano , programming, live electronics