Dimitar Bodurov– piano
    Mihail Ivanov– bass
    Jens Dueppe– drums



    Dynamic, energetic, poetic yet more fluent and somewhat less eclectic.

    STAMP AROUND continues the narrative of “Stamps from Bulgaria” – a series of compositions based  on elements of Bulgarian folklore.

    With this new a-la-suite approach the music takes surprising turns of sonic texture and emotion.

    Bodurov Trio, led by the Bulgarian pianist and composer Dimitar Bodurov, has been in demand since September 2001.

    In November 2003, the band released their debut album ‘Melatonic’ ACR 9817, for the Norwegian label Acoustic Records, with exclusively own compositions, about which John Taylor commented: ‘A marvelous debut! ’. Their  CD ‘Stamps from Bulgaria 2008’  was included in Volkskrant (NL) selection for top 10 CD albums from the Netherlands for 2008. The bands latest album Seven Stamps will be released in January 2013 by Challenge Records and will be featuring the celebrated Bulgarian kaval player Theodosii Spassov.

    Bodurov’s fascination with Bulgarian folklore evolved in a unique and distinctive style, which is embodied in ‘The Resumption Suite’ 2004, a multi-partial piece for piano, bass, drums and samples, based on Bulgarian rhythms; then followed by the band’s successful project, ‘Stamps from Bulgaria’ – series of compositions based on traditional Bulgarian folk songs and dances.

    THE TRIO  has been touring in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria and Bulgaria.








    Top 10 jazz CDs from Holland for 2008
    The Bodurov Trio brings a welcoming and original sound in Jazz – not in a corny, boring way as it is so often the case with combinations of Jazz and Balkan music, but totally organic, warm and with guts.

    New ways in Jazz!

    VENTO AZUL (Japan)
    This is a spectacular piano trio recording with many innovative approaches, as well as ethnic flavour!

    With this new album Bodurov lives up to his promise!

    With originality as a driving force, one can almost taste the Bulgarian culture and landscape!

    The Bodurov Trio approaches with the same intensity the fast and complicated as well as the slow and soulful songs. A must have for everyone, interested in music from this region!

    The Bodurov Trio elegantly transports an emotional landscape of Bulgarian Folk culture!

    As an instrumentalist, Bodurov is an amazing talent and a musician, who did not forget about his roots, yet does not stand still!