Dimitar Bodurov, piano & electronica
    Ivan Shopov, electronica

    Coalescence is the debut album by contemporary jazz pianist Dimitar Bodurov and electronic music producer Ivan Shopov. They have collaborated on several projects since 2015 but this was their first outcome as a duet. Spanning over eight variously paced pieces the record is the result of two lengthy improvisation sessions that took place in Bodurov’s studio in Amsterdam back in 2017.

    The album they fleshed out feels and sounds as if it was meticulously composed and not created in the spur of a moment. Coalescence is offered to us barely edited and as pure as it gets. Bodurov and Shopov are indulging in varyingly paced and piano-driven musical explorations which are minimalist at their core but emotionally dense as well. This successful combination of acoustic sounds and their synthetic counterparts allows us to go deeper and deeper until all is said and done. 

    Their upcoming album TRANSCENDENCE will be released in early 2023.