• Tree of choices


    for tenor sax, chamber string ensemble, percussion and samples.


    Premiered on the 17, May 2005 in Lantaren-Venster, Rotterdam.

    Aarre ensemble, samples and special feature on tenor saxophone Jasper Blom

    Commissioned by Frank van Berkel for Rotterdamse school #5 series of concerts.



    This piece was inspired by the message, which my grand father recorded on the tape recorder (my present) for my 3rd birthday saying:

    Mitko (that’s me), as my grand son, i give you this tape recorder as a memory from your grand pa from Varna. When you grow up, i wish that you learn singing, dancing, playing music, and your music be recorded on tapes. Congratulations!

    He passed away when I was 8. He never saw me playing music.