• MIXING VANITY premiere



    DIMITAR BODUROV (piano, electronics, concept),
    ROSEN ZAHARIEV – ROKO (trumpet, electronics, percussion),
    DIMITAR SEMOV (drums, electronic pads),
    IRMENA CHICHIKOVA (actress, model),
    VLADISLAV ILIEV (visuals),
    NELLY MITEVA (designer),

    Jazz, electronica, theater, fashion and video art are the key elements in the multidisciplinary performance MIXING VANITY. A complex narrative where vanity is the main protagonist. The performance explores the boundaries between narcissism and humility in a world of vanity as a role model and screens as its mirrors, while beauty still seeks its justification.

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    Pianist and composer Dimitar Bodurov has assembled a marvelous collective of artists. The main role is given to the infinitely intriguing actress and model Irmena Chichikova, best known for the movies Victoria and Touch Me Not. Outstanding Bulgarian jazz musicians Rosen Zahariev – Roko (trumpet player and graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston) and Dimitar) will create the soundscapes. To the brilliant team we add the names of designer Nelly Miteva, creator of Ivan Asen 22 – a conceptual platform for the presentation of young progressive fashion designers, and Alexander Gerginov, founder of the fashion brand Ham&Eggs, and visual artist Vladislav Iliev of Phormatik Visual LAB. Expect no less than a spectacular journey!