• Dimitar Bodurov Solo

    • Solo in Bonn

      Dimitar Bodurov, piano
      Released April 15, 2019

      Produced by Dimitar Bodurov
      © Deutschlandradio / Dimitar Bodurov 2019
      ℗ Deutschlandradio 2019

      OPTOMUSIC OP0119

      All songs composed by Dimitar Bodurov
      Published with Buma Stemra, The Netherlands
      Recorded live at Beethoven-Haus, Bonn, Germany
      Radio producer Harald Rehmann
      Recorded and edited by Michael Morawietz for Deutschlandfunk
      Mastered at Deine.cd
      Photos by Cyril Wermers
      all rights reserved

    • Stamps from Bulgaria 2006

      Dimitar Bodurov, piano

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      Stamps from Bulgaria, solo piano - Dimitar Bodurov


  • Bodurov Trio

    • Stamp around

      Optomusic, 2015

      Dimitar Bodurov- piano
      MIhail Ivanov- bass
      Jens Dueppe- drums


      Dynamic, energetic, poetic yet more fluent and somewhat less eclectic.

      STAMP AROUND continues the narrative of “Stamps from Bulgaria” – a series of compositions based on elements of Bulgarian folklore.

      With this new a-la-suite approach the music takes surprising turns of sonic texture and emotion.

    • Seven Stamps

      Coming out 16th January 2013

      Challenge Records CR73360

      Dimitar Bodurov- piano
      MIhail Ivanov- bass
      Jens Dueppe- drums

      feat. Theodosii Spassov- kaval

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    • Stamps from Bulgaria 2008

      Challenge Records CR73276

      Dimitar Bodurov- piano
      MIhail Ivanov- bass
      Jens Dueppe- drums, percussion

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      Stamps from Bulgaria 2008 - Bodurov Trio (more…)

    • Resumption Suite

      Dimitar Bodurov- piano
      Cord Heineking- bass
      Jens Dueppe- drums

      Live at De Doelen, Rotterdam 2004

      Bulgarian folk music has been an inspiring part of both my memories and my plans and projects. With the knowledge, gained on composition and experimental techniques, this project became realized as The Resumption Suite. In it, I tried to reconcile some tangible elements of my past and presence, at the same time implying something for the future.
      Dimitar Bodurov

      This is a multi-partial piece for piano, bass, drums and samples. Though based on the tradition of jazz improvisation, the music flows and borrows elements from Bulgarian folklore.The Resumption suite was premiered in De Doelen, Rotterdam, Netherlands as Dimitar’s graduation project, for which he received Cum Laude.

    • Melatonic

      Acoustic Reocords, Norway ACR9817

      Dimitar Bodurov- piano
      Jens Dueppe – drums
      Cord Heineking – bass

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      Melatonic - Cord Heineking, Dimitar Bodurov & Jens Düppe


  • Bodurov / Magatelli / Krajnčan TRIO

    • Wasteland


      Dimitar Bodurov – piano
      Mattia Magatelli – double bass
      Kristijan Krajnčan, drums

      Produced by Dimitar Bodurov
      © OPTOPMUSIC 2017

  • Neofobic

    • Neofobic

      Gubemusic, Norway

      Dimitar Bodurov- piano, live electronics
      Jens Dueppe- drums, percussion

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      Compact disc ( 4 pages glossy cartoon sleeve)

      Neofobic - Dimitar Bodurov & Jens Dueppe


  • Mixing vanity TRIO

    • Mixing vanity

      Rosen Zahariev-Roko – trumpet & percussion
      Dimitar Bodurov – piano, keys, electronica
      Dimitar Semov – drums & electronic percussion

      credits :
      Recorded live at the Bulgarian National Radio hall 1 on the 18th November 2016 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

      Recorded by Georgi Gogov
      Mixed and mastered by Dimitar Bodurov at Optomusic studio, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

      Produced by Dimitar Bodurov
      © Dimitar Bodurov 2018

  • Moore / Bodurov / Vatcher TRIO

    • Stormy

      Michael Moore – alto sax and clarinets
      Dimitar Bodurov- piano
      Michael Vatcher – bass

      Produced by Dimitar Bodurov at Optomusic
      Listen and buy at Optomusic

  • Project PULSE

    • Project PULSE

      produced by Dimitar Bodurov

      Theodosii Spassov – kaval
      Sandip Bhattacharya – tabla
      Dimitar Bodurov, piano, electronics


      Once upon a time, two times, three… So goes the pulse of time, so goes the story.

      The story is about the pulse that beats in words, in logics, in the hearts, or maybe in your heart. It is a story about emotions, told in compositions of soundscapes, improvisations.

      Time is spacious, illustrious, and prolific as the spirituality of ancient India, the lyricism of Bulgarian folklore and the searching spirit of contemporary European improvisation and composition.

      Bulgarian pianist and composer Dimitar Bodurov has put together a collective of unique artistic individuals capable of transcending the urgency of Project Pulse.

      The celebrated Bulgarian kaval player Theodosii Spassov, a master of Indian tabla Sandip Bhattacharya and Bodurov himself on piano and electronics.


  • Notes on Hopper

    • Notes on Hopper

      Notes on Hopper is an adventurous journey into the world of American painter Edward Hopper.

      Edward Hopper’s most famous painting is Nighthawks (1952). A New York café late at night with two men and a woman sitting at the bar. Loneliness and isolation are typical themes in Hopper’s work. At the same time his paintings are intensely cinematic, they’re always the beginning of a story.
      Notes on Hopper tells the story behind Hopper’s paintings in a jazzy atmosphere with songs, improvisations and spoken word. Based on the diaries of his wife and fellow artist Josephine Nivison, Notes on Hopper paints a portrait of a female artist’s struggle in her stormy marriage with Edward Hopper.

      Written, sung and performed by Judith Scholte. The lyrics were put to music by multiple award-winning composer Paul M. van Brugge. The music is performed by two masters of improvisation; Dimitar Bodurov, piano and electronics and Nils van Haften, saxophones and bass clarinet.



      Written by Judith Scholte
      Composed by Paul M. van Brugge

      Vocals – Judith Scholte
      Piano, electronics – Dimitar Bodurov
      Saxophones, bass clarinet – Nils van Haften

      CD produced by Dimitar Bodurov and Paul M. van Brugge
      Recorded and mixed by Dimitar Bodurov at Optomusic (www.optomusic.com)
      Notes on Hopper is published by Deuss Music (www.deussmusic.com)

  • Margriet Sjoerdsma

    • Bloom

      Foreign Media Music 93749

      Margriet Sjoerdsma- vocals
      Dimitar Bodurov- piano, keys, programming
      Cord Heineking- acoustic & el.bass
      Jasper van Hulten- drums

      Arits Orubs- vibraphone
      Shirma Rouse- backing vocals
      Laise Aerts- backing vocals
      Jeffrey Bruinsma- violin
      Heleen van der Hoeven- violin
      Ro Krauss- viola
      Saartje Camp

      Produced by Dimitar Bodurov and Margriet Sjoerdsma 2008

      Listen here

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      CD | MP3 Bloom - Margriet Sjoerdsma



      At the Concertgebouw, Amsterdam

      CD Presentation, Rotterdam

    • With the whisper of a morning

      Margriet Sjoerdsma-vocals
      Dimitar Bodurov-piano, wurlitzer, fender rhodes
      Cord Heineking-bass
      Bernhard Weichinger-drums

      Produced and arranged by Dimitar Bodurov

      Executive producer Margriet Sjoerdsma

      © 2006 Margriet Sjoerdsma and  Dimitar Bodurov



      At the Kleine Komedie, Amsterdam

      At Varna Summer Jazz Fest, Bulgaria

  • As guest and producer

    • InFusion

    • Kanatitsa

      with special guests:

      Theodosii Spassov: kaval in 3 and 10
      Dimitar Bodurov: piano in 5, 6 and 9
      Burak Malçok: ney in 6
      Stoimen Stoyanov: string arrangement in 4
      Dayan Kutsarov: programming in 9

      all compositions are based on Bulgarian folklore

      programming, guitars, mixing: Ivan Shopov
      vocals: Avigeya

      arrangement: Ivan Shopov and Avigeya
      Avigeya are : Aleksandra Vasileva, Milena Velikova, Ralitsa Kirilova, Sibina Radenkova
      lyrics: folklore on 1, 3, 6, 7 and 9; Aleksandra Vasileva on 2 and 8; Sibina Radenkova on 4, 5 and 10

      recorded at Pekarnata Studio and Etheraudio Studio
      mastering: Shawn Hatfield (Audible Oddities, USA)

      visual concept and graphic design: Ivaylo Petrov and Emanuela Belovarski
      cover model : Irena Milyankova

      review : Angel Simitchiev

      produced by: Ivan Shopov
      co produced by: Sabina Parisi

      Released by Etheraudio Records

    • Prey Catch The Hunter

      Kaneng Lolang  “Prey Catch The Hunter”

      “The themes in this record were informed by some determining factors in humanity’s existence – menstruation, birth, motherhood, lust, the state of our collective spiritual health, and ultimately , Love. The emotion that inspires the lyrics is particularly sourced from my experience within my female body, which beyond its mere physical attributes has given me the knowledge of ancient processes from which I wish to continue harnessing an intuitive creativity.“

      With contributions from TV On The Radio’s Tunde Adebimpe who sings to soothe the inner child on “Palm” , Adio commanding with a futuristic Yoruba mantra on “Peoplestand“, Jolie Holland’s visceral violin on “Constant Messiah” and Laurie Anderson collaborator Shahzad Ismaily’s gracious drums, this record is a sincere offering to all.

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    • The Bulchemists

      The Bulchemists are six artists of the younger bulgarian jazz diaspora, gathered from all corners of Europe and the US – unquestionably outstanding representatives of the jazz scenes in their chosen exile cities.

      What makes them unique is how they have maintained their deeply rooted relationship to the melodies and rhythm of the bulgarian ethnic music.

      Still rooted in Bulgaria, these individual artists, at the height of their talents, have come together to create some powerful new music.


      Dimiter Bodurov – Piano
      Peter Slavov – Double Bass
      Vladimir Karparov – Saxophone
      Alexander Wladigeroff – Trumpet
      Dimiter Liolev – Saxophone
      Borislav Petrov – Drums
      Mihail Ivanov – Double Bass




    • Wampum

      Line up:
      Diederik Rijpstra, trumpet
      Joost Lijbaart, drums
      Clemens van der Feen, bass
      Dimitar Bodurov, piano
      guest: Eric Vloeimans, trumpet

      More info: