Audio-visual concert in premiere on August 8th at Radar festival Varna, in collaboration with Varna Summer Festival.

    Concept and composition by Dimitar and Neyko Bodurov.


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  • Inner voices

    Very excited to present my new composition Inner voices for trombone, string quartet and electronica commissioned by Jörgen van Rijen, a renowned trombone player and a principal at the royal Concertgebow orchestra. The piece will be recorded by Jörgen himself and Alma string quartet. The premiere is postponed for the spring of 2022.

  • Coalescence

    New album by Dimitar Bodurov & Ivan Shopov

  • Bodurov trio at GoGuide Stay Home fest

    On the 2 & 3rd of May took place the GoGuide Stay home fest. The initiative offers online concerts, mediation, crafts and food on delivery, aiming to support Bulgarian artists. The festival is for free but offers virtual tickets as audience donations, which will support the artists and the organisation.

    Full schedule and details can be found here GoGuide Stay Home Fest

  • Solo in Bonn

    New album out now!

    “Technically impressive, on occasion Bodurov gives the impression that he possesses more than the standard two hands. Yet he is no slave to flashy display. The symmetry of jazz, folk and classical language of this compelling live document is totally natural”. Ian Patterson, All about jazz


  • Bodurov trio feat. Trygve Seim and Avigeya voices

    New collaboration in premiere on 9th of June at Music Meeting festival, Nijmegen